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The Number Fairy was founded by Audrey Jackson.

With over two decades of experience in accounting, Audrey has created solutions for fashion, non-profit, private airlines, and real estate companies. Audrey has earned 5 degrees with honors in Business, Economics, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Art & Humanities, and STEM with an emphasis in Engineering. This allows Audrey to provide well-rounded services to her clients.


Audrey enjoys solving problems and optimizing processes for maximum efficiency.

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A fast-growing fashion corporation needed a check-and-balance system to manage their inventory. Audrey created a system which recovered over $350,000 USD in unbilled merchandise in one (1) business day. This inventory-recovery system proved effective and made the international fashion brand attractive to more investors. 

A private airline wanted a solution to better manage their accounts receivable. Audrey created an internal auditing system which identified nearly $1,000,000 USD in potentially unbilled jet fuel. This management tool became part of management's daily use to readily identify discrepancies between revenue and accounts receivable.

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization sought out Audrey to create standard operating procedures to track donations and other funding. Audrey implemented processes for their accounting staff to automate routine tasks for budgets and forecasts. This created efficiency, and it ensured funding was available for programs and services in the community.


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